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When Do Treadmills Go On Sale?

I have been wanting to get a treadmill for some time now. The problem is that they are so expensive and the ones you can buy at your local store are not very good quality, but if you want one of those fancy new models with all kinds of bells and whistles then it’s going to cost you an arm and leg. 

Discount deals on treadmills usually only last about 2 weeks or less before they sell out again.

So when I see them in my favorite stores like Costco, Sams Club etc., I jump right on them because there isn’t much chance that I will be able to find another deal anytime soon.

There are only limited sale time on every treadmill list you can find in your nearest store. This treadmill brands go on sale because of some reasons, such as:

  1. They need to clear inventory from their previous model.
  2. Their current model has become outdated
  3. They just don’t make enough profit off this particular model anymore.
  4. It was discontinued by the manufacturer years ago.
  5. There were too many complaints regarding its durability/quality issues.
  6. Some other reason…

Best times of the year to shop for treadmills

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about purchasing a new piece of exercise equipment is price. While there are many factors involved with determining what type of machine you should purchase, cost is certainly an important factor.

The good news is that if you’re willing to shop around during different seasons, you may find yourself able to save money on your next treadmill purchase.

Here’s a look at the best time of year to buy a treadmill:

  • Spring – Springtime is typically considered the beginning of summer

Buying a treadmill on a spring time is a good idea. Some store make cheaper price on there expensive treadmill.

This sale time is also perfect for buying a used treadmill. You’ll probably pay more than half of the original retail price.

But if you know someone who wants to upgrade his or her home gym, this could be a great opportunity.

  • Summer – Summer is peak season for most retailers. They offer discounts throughout the entire month of July.

If you plan ahead, you might be able to score a discount on any brand name treadmill.

  • Fall – Fall is generally considered the end of the holiday shopping season.

Many retailers start offering deep discounts on select items starting in September. It’s still possible to find discounted prices on popular products, especially if you wait until after Labor Day weekend.

  • Winter – Winter is the slowest time of year for retailers.

Most people aren’t looking to spend extra cash on anything except food and gifts. That means you won’t likely find any major sales on fitness equipment.

cold weather sales are very popular! You can expect to find better deals on winter months.

But even though you may be able to save money on certain types of machines, you shouldn’t count on getting a bargain on a whole-body workout system.

  • Treadmill black friday

Treadmill black friday is a sale chaos day where you can find huge savings on top-rated treadmills. If you’re planning to buy a treadmill, Black Friday is the ideal day to do it.

The sale price on this season are very attractive compared to normal price. So why not take advantage of these offers?

Black Friday deals on treadmills

Here are some tips to help you get the best value for your hard earned dollars:

  1. Check online retailer websites for special promotions. Many companies have already started advertising their Black Friday deals.
  2. In addition to saving money, you can often find free shipping options available.
  3. Look into local brick & mortar stores. Stores like Costco and Sams Club usually hold big events on Thanksgiving night.
  4. These events include doorbusters, early bird specials, and even extended hours. This gives you plenty of opportunities to check out all the latest models before they sell out.
  5. Be patient! Most retailers will only allow one customer per household. Don’t worry though; once you’ve found the right deal, you’ll definitely want to share it with friends and family members.

What makes a good treadmill?

There are many major treadmill companies who built a reputation by producing quality exercise equipment. These brands include Life Fitness, Precor, Proform, NordicTrack, Stairmaster, Woodway, and others.

When choosing between different brands, consider how comfortable the machine feels when running at full speed. The higher the rating, the less impact that the belt has on your joints.

You should also look closely at the warranty offered by each manufacturer. A longer warranty indicates greater confidence in the product.

When choosing between two similar models, consider these features:

  • Durability – How long does the warranty cover? Is it transferable? Will it protect against damage caused by improper use? Does it include parts replacement coverage?
  • Capacity treadmill deals – What size is the machine? Do you need an indoor model that folds up easily? Or would you prefer something larger so you don’t feel cramped while working out?
  • Weight capacity – The weight limit should match what you’re comfortable lifting. Are there handles built into the frame? Can you adjust the incline angle?
  • Price range – How much did the manufacturer charge when it was new? Was it expensive at first but now sells for less?

What type of treadmill you can choose?

  • ANCHEER Treadmills

This type of treadmill are designed specifically for home use. They come equipped with safety sensors which automatically stop if someone falls or trips over them.

They are easy to set up and operate. You simply attach the footpads to the floor using suction cups. Then place the handlebars above the pads.

Finally, connect the power cord to the wall outlet.

If you plan to run outdoors, make sure that the unit’s wheels roll smoothly without skipping.

  • Popular folding treadmills

Folding treadmills are great because they take up little space. However, this comes at a price. Folding machines tend to be more affordable than non-folding units.

But, they lack stability and durability.

If you live in a small apartment, then a foldable treadmill may not be ideal for you. It might cause too much noise during operation. Also, its compact design means that it won’t provide enough room for storage.

  • Non-folding treadmills

Most people agree that non-folding treadmill-machine are better suited for outdoor workouts. Their large footprint allows users to move around freely.

Plus, their stable construction prevents accidents from happening.

However, some consumers find that non-folding treadmils aren’t as quiet as other types. If you have neighbors nearby, then you may wish to avoid purchasing such a device.

  • Smart treadmill

This series treadmill are smart devices that allow you to monitor your workout data remotely. This way, you’ll know exactly how far you’ve gone and how fast you were moving.

The best part about smart treadmills is that they offer real time feedback. So, even though you’re miles away from the gym, you will still get accurate results.

Some manufacturers claim that their products are compatible with Apple Watch. Others say that only certain models work with Fitbit.

  • High quality model

Fantastic treadmill are those that feature high-quality components. These items ensure that the product lasts longer.

For example, most top brands guarantee that their equipment will last 10 years.

Also, look for a treadmill that has been tested by independent laboratories. Some companies conduct tests on their own products before releasing them onto the market.


Before buying any treadmill, read online customer reviews. Reviews help you learn whether others had problems with the same brand.

There treadmill deals buyer guide that can help you decide what features matter most to you. The information provided here should give you an idea of where to start looking.


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