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What Is The Best Time To Do Abs Workout? Learn Here!

When Should You Do Abs Workout?

Abs are the muscles that stabilise the lower part of your torso. This part of the body is the most visible, as it is often exposed when you eat, sit, sleep, or bend.

People develop this part of the body with exercise equipment because it is the most visible part of the body. If you want to be fit, then you need to exercise your abs.

How often should you do abs with high-intensity exercises? Is there an ideal workout routine for abs? How long should you exercise each day?

Many people think that working out their abs is only necessary after they’ve lost a lot of weight. They also believe that if they don’t see abs, then they aren’t working hard enough.

The best time to work on abs: 1 hour before bedtime. This is not only the best time, but this is one of the easiest times to focus and get into the zone.

It helps you unwind from hectic days at work, and can easily fall asleep afterwards having no trouble falling asleep.

But while regular ab exercises are important for everyone who wants to achieve a flat stomach, they are even more essential for those who want to achieve a six-pack.

So, let’s find out more when you should do abs exercises.

Work Your Abs During Strength Routine

In order to have a strong core exercises, you must first build up compound strength exercises in the abdominal area.

By doing squats, lunges, push-ups, pull ups, etc., you will increase deep muscle mass in these areas.

Then, by adding resistance training such as dumbbell curls, crunches, planks, reverse crunches and leg raises, you can actually target specific parts of the abdominals.

This way, you will have increased flexibility and stronger lean muscle in all three planes. You will become a better athlete overall.

You might ask yourself why would I bother doing abs during my strength routine? There are two reasons.

  • First, you may notice how much easier it becomes to pick things up off the floor.
  • Second, the fact that your back strengthens makes you less likely to injure it.

Before bedtime Abs Workout

There are many benefits to doing abs exercises right before going to bed.

  • First thing first – every muscle in our bodies needs rest! So why not give them some downtime by getting rid of all tension and stress during these last hours of the evening?
  • Second reason – it will help make sure that you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to face another busy morning.

And last, performing abs exercises just before sleeping ensures that you won’t have any problems falling asleep once again.

In resting, we always underestimate how much energy we use throughout the night. That’s why it makes sense to ensure adequate recovery between heavy training sessions.

In addition, exercising too close to bedtime may cause insomnia. But what about stretching?

Stretching doesn’t seem like a good idea because it causes pain in certain spots such as back, neck and hamstring, which might lead to injuries.

However, stretching provides several other advantages, including improving flexibility, strength, and range of motion. It also reduces soreness and enhances blood flow. And finally, it improves posture.

Can you do abs workout daily?

Yes, you absolutely can. You needn’t worry whether you’ll lose your gains, since there are no negative side effects associated with this kind of exercise.

As long as you know what you’re doing, you can practice an effective ab workout program today. Just follow the tips mentioned above and enjoy results quickly.

If you’ve never done abs workout before, you might wonder how often you should perform this type of movement.

The truth is: there isn’t a magic number but a general guideline. The ideal time for working on your abs depends primarily upon two factors: intensity and duration.

Intensity refers to how hard you work while performing each set; whereas duration shows how long you spend on it.

If you want to achieve maximum benefit from abs workouts, then they should be performed 3 times per week. This means that you will complete 12 total sets over 6 weeks.

But don’t get discouraged if you feel tired after only 4 sets!

9 Benefits of doing Abs Workout

1. It has been proven that regular abdominal workouts improve body shape and tone. They strengthen and elongate the entire core muscles area of the abdomen and increase its size.

2. As a result, people who practise this form of exercise look thinner and slimmer than those who avoid taking part in physical activities.

3. They also reduce fat deposits around the midsection, making abdominals appear more toned and sculptured. Finally, when combined with cardio routines, they promote weight loss.

4. Abdominal muscles play a vital role in stabilising your spine and preventing injury. Therefore, anyone suffering from back pain would appreciate having their abdominal muscles strengthened through proper exercises.

5. Regular abdominal workouts boost your metabolism rate and burn calories fast. In fact, research shows that when compared to non-exercising individuals, exercisers consume 25% less food without even realising it!

6. By strengthening your lower extremities, you prevent knee pain and joint stiffness. Your legs become stronger because of the increased demands placed upon them when lifting heavier weights.

7. When using dumbbells for crunches, make sure that you keep your elbows tucked into your sides during the entire movement. Using bent knees instead of straight ones makes the movements easier and safer, thus promoting better muscle growth.

8. Improving your diet plan by adding fruits and vegetables helps build strong abdominal muscle. These foods contain essential nutrients that help maintain healthy skin and hair, along with providing energy needed to carry out strenuous exercises.

9. Working out strengthens the lungs and heart, giving you a healthier cardiovascular system. A well-toned stomach increases self confidence and boosts self esteem.


If you want to lose weight and get abs, do abs workout at least 5 days a week or at least three times a week.

It is also important to warm up and stretch before and after doing abdominal exercise

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