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Why My Treadmill Will Not Turn On? And How To Reset It? Check Our Guide

What do you do when your treadmill stops working? If your treadmill is over 10 years old, it may just be time to buy a new one. If your treadmill is still under warranty, go ahead and contact the manufacturer and give them your model number and tell them there is a problem with the power button. If your treadmill is less than 10 years old, the treadmill may not be broken at all.

The most common reason that a treadmill won’t turn on is that the brake (sometimes called a safety switch or Start/Stop button) has been pressed. As you are probably aware, treadmills have an emergency stop button on them that will shut the treadmill down in the event of a problem.

For example, if you were to trip or fall while running on the treadmill, you could press the safety button to stop the treadmill so that you do not fall further and hurt yourself. (Note: not all treadmills have this safety switch. If yours does not, you should contact the manufacturer for assistance.)

No Power to the Console

Did you ever notice that there is no power to the console when you are using the treadmill? If you do, you should call the repairman as soon as possible, to avoid further damage. When there is no power to the console, it can mean a few different things, the first being that the console is not plugged in properly.

If the console is not plugged in at all the treadmill will not work at all, so be sure that it is plugged in, and that it is plugged into a working outlet. If the console is not plugged in but the power cord is, it could mean that the console needs to be replaced.

Check the Power source

When your treadmill doesn’t power on, the first thing you should check is the power source. Is the power cord plugged into a working outlet? Is the power button lit up on the console or treadmill control panel?

If your treadmill is not working properly, check the power source first before calling customer service. If the power cord is not plugged in, the treadmill will not work. In addition, you should check the fuse if the cord is plugged in.

You can find the fuse under the machine, near the power cord. The fuse is a glass tube filled with powder. If the ignition light is not on, check the fuse and replace it with a new one if it’s blown.

Crimped Power Cable

If you are using a treadmill as a part of your fitness routine, you want to make sure the device is not only safe to use but also safe to store. Many treadmills include power cords that can be a tripping hazard because they are too long or have inadequate storage.

If the cords are long enough to wrap around the handrails, you should crimp the loose cable at the point where it meets the treadmill. If you notice a frayed end or a damaged cord, you should immediately cut the damaged cable and replace the entire power cord.

Tripped Circuit Breaker

While there are several possible causes for your treadmill to not power up, the most common is a tripped circuit breaker or fuse. If this has happened, the first thing you should do is make sure all the breakers and fuses in your home are turned on. If they are, you will need to go into the breaker box and reset the circuit breaker or replace the fuse.

The first thing to try is resetting the circuit breaker. If one of the breakers that control the circuit in your home has tripped, it can cause the power to the treadmill to go out. Make sure all the lights in your home are on and that none of them are flickering, and then flip the circuit breaker back on. If the treadmill still doesn’t turn on, you’ll need to contact a qualified repair technician.

Check Cables or Loose Wires

Your treadmill and other fitness equipment may need to be adjusted to work properly. Make sure that all cables are connecting properly. If you cannot get your treadmill to power on, it may need cleaning or adjusting.

A common solution to a treadmill that is not working is to make sure that the power cord is plugged into the wall. If the power cord is in place, then the board should be checked to see if there are any loose wires. If there are any loose wires, then the treadmill may need to be disassembled to repair the loose wiring.

How to Reset the Treadmill

If your treadmill will not turn on, it could be that there is a small problem with the treadmill. If you do not want to go through the whole process of replacing parts or calling for professional services, try resetting the treadmill. This should fix the main problem and get your treadmill working normally again.

What if your treadmill will not turn on, what do you do? Use the reset button. Underneath the treadmill, you will find a reset button, which is used for many functions.

Resetting the treadmill is just one of those functions. By pressing this small button, you will reset the treadmill to its factory settings. It will remember the programs that you had chosen before and also the time that you have run, so it will be a seamless transition as far as all the functions are concerned.

Last Words

If you used your treadmill and you don’t remember turning it off, do not panic. It may not be broken. Treadmills use transformers that are designed to cut off the electricity when the power goes out. If your treadmill is plugged into an outlet, check the outlet to make sure a fuse hasn’t blown or a circuit hasn’t tripped. If the outlet is fine, check the breaker box for the circuit your treadmill is on. Also, check the treadmill’s control panel to make sure the power button is pushed in all the way. If none of those things work, your treadmill may be broken and you should call for repairs.


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