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Can You Ride An Exercise Bike After Hip Replacement? Find Out Here

Can You Ride An Exercise Bike After Hip Replacement? Find Out Here

Is It Possible To Use An Exercise Bike After a Hip Replacement? 

If you have had a hip replacement recently and your looking to start exercising again, figuring out what is safe and not safe can be overwhelming, and the last thing you want is a further injury to your hip. 

Luckily, it is very possible to use an exercise bike after a hip replacement with the heads up from your doctor, gradually at a slow pace while your body gets used to exercising again. 

We have discussed more below about when you can use an exercise bike after a hip replacement, the best type of exercise bike to use and some tips for using one with hip surgery below to get you started. 

When Can I Use An Exercise Bike After a Hip Replacement?

Figuring out when you can get back on the exercise bike after a hip replacement differs from person to person and their healing time, typically, this is around a month after the replacement, but you should make sure to get the heads up from the doctor first. 

Always start with slow sessions pedalling on the exercise bike back and forth and make sure the seat is kept elevated so your knees do not bend past 90-degrees.

Which Type Of Exercise Bike Should I Use With a Hip Replacement? 

You should be careful about the type of exercise bike you are using after your hip replacement, upright exercise bikes can cause a lot of strain on your hips as they require you to lean forward so should be avoided at all costs.

The best type of exercise bike to use after a hip replacement is a recumbent bike, this is because they allow you to keep your back rested while you cycle, your hips elevated and reduces pressure in the knees when you cycle. There is also a much lesser chance of getting an injury when using one of these bikes. 

You should aim to use your recumbent bike for no longer than 10 minutes at a time as you ease back into exercise and ensure you buy the best model with adjustable handlebars and varying resistance for when you get stronger. 

Tips For Using Your Exercise Bike After Hip Surgery 

Starting to exercise again after a hip replacement can be a little daunting, so we have put together a few of our best tips below to use an exercise bike safely and avoid any unwanted injury while exercising on your bike. 

  • Keep the seat of your exercise bike high so as your knee is nearly straight when resting on the pedal, too low can cause you to over flex your hip joint. 
  • Try pedalling backwards at first to minimise pressure and use your surgery leg to pedal so as you can regain strength while keeping the healthy one straight. 
  • Increase your cycling time over the weeks as you start to get stronger to see improvement. 

Last Words 

Overall, a recumbent exercise bike is one of the best exercise machines out there to use after a hip replacement to help get your fitness levels back up and strengthen your lower body again, just make sure you get doctors approval before undertaking any exercise and never overdo it to prevent injury.


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