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How Many Meters Is A 5K On A Rowing Machine? Find Out Here

How Many Meters Is A 5K On A Rowing Machine? Find Out Here

What Time Should I Complete 5K On a Rowing Machine In?

If you are planning to set goals and get in shape on your rowing machine, then you might set yourself your first goal of completing 5K on your rowing machine. 

Rowing 5K is a great beginners goal and is a distance of 5000 meters, what matters the most when rowing this distance on your machine is your overall consistent pace, which should be around 2.00/500m split, meaning it will take you around 20 minutes to row 5000 metres. 

So as you can understand more about what a split is on a rowing machine and some tips on rowing your first 5K, we have put together our best guide below with all the top tips and tricks. 

What Does The Split On a Rowing Machine Mean?

The split on a rowing machine refers to your pace for a certain amount of distance, for example, if it takes you two minutes to row around 500m, then it will take you 8 minutes to row 2km and 20 minutes total to row 5km, it is very important to maintain your pace and not go too fast on a rowing machine at the start of your 5km otherwise you can burn out when you near the end of your rowing time, so a consistently matched split is key! 

How Many Calories Can I Burn Rowing a 5K? 

The calories you burn rowing your 5K will differ according to your weight and gender, but on average it can range between 170-250 calories if you keep a pace of 2 minutes per 500 meters of rowing. 

Tips For Rowing 5000 Metres

Rowing your first 5K can be daunting as a beginner and is not always easy, however, by following our best tips below, you can learn to pace yourself throughout your distance and reach your end goal within a good time. 

  • Pace yourself at the beginning – When your first start rowing, the first few meters will often feel like the hardest, and some rowers can tend to speed and shorten their stride due to adrenaline, however, you should make sure you keep your rowing stride long and cap yourself at a chosen pace rather than burn out. 
  • Find your rhythm – When you reach the middle 2000 meters of your 5K you should ensure you have a nice rhythm going when rowing, some people get a lactic acid burn at this stage, but you should push past the feeling. 
  • Push the split times down – After every 1500 meters you row you should start to push your split time down slightly so as you can improve your time. 
  • Go hard on the last 350m – When you reach near the end of your 5K this is the time you can put in maximum effort and print to the ending. 

Final Words 

To conclude, rowing 5000 meters is a great goal as a beginner rower and should be timed around 20 minutes or slightly more if you are new to rowing, the goal of rowing this distance should be done by keeping a set pace and finding a rhythm in your rowing stride.


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