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How To Use An Exercise Bike Effectively? Read Here!

The fitness equipment industry is a huge one. From treadmills to elliptical machines, there are plenty of ways to get fit and stay healthy.

These days, however, people are choosing the treadmill over traditional cardio workouts because they think it’s easier.

But is it really? The truth is, using a treadmill isn’t necessarily better than running outside on a regular basis. In fact, it might even be worse.

So if you’re looking for a way to burn calories without having to leave the comfort of home, then read on to find out how you can use an exercise bike effectively.

You don’t need to be able to run a marathon to get fit. But if you want to burn calories and improve your cardiovascular health, an exercise bike can provide a good workout.

To use exercise bike effectively you must first understand what makes them tick. Exercise bikes work by providing resistance against which you pedal in order to move yourself forward.

This means that as you push down with each leg, the machine will apply force back at you through its pedals.

This creates a constant tension between your legs and helps build muscle strength while burning fat. It also provides a great aerobic workout.

How to choose the right bike for you?

If you are looking at an entry level model, then it will be best suited for someone who has never used an exercise bike before or if you have been using a stationary bicycle but want something more advanced.

If you are already familiar with riding on a regular bike, then you should look into a higher end model as they offer better quality components such as larger tires, wider seats, adjustable handlebars, etc.

There are wide range of exercise bikes you can buy from online stores like Amazon. You’ll notice that some models come with built-in TVs so you can watch movies during your ride.

Others include speakers so you can listen to music while working out. Some even allow you to connect your smartphone via Bluetooth so you can check emails or play games.

However, these features aren’t necessary. If you just want to lose weight and tone up, then any basic model would do fine.

Here are some examples of exercise bikes to use for your cardiovascular performance workout:

  • Recumbent bikes

This type of exercise bike are designed specifically for those who suffer from lower body injuries. They feature large cushioned seat areas where users sit upright rather than lying flat.

This allows their hips and knees to bend naturally when pedaling.

They also tend to be cheaper than other types of exercise bikes. However, this doesn’t mean that they won’t give you a full body workout.

In fact, recumbents are often considered among the most effective forms of exercise available today.

  • Upright bike

Upright bike are similar to recumbents except that they lack the reclining seating position. Instead, they feature two footrests that help support the user’s feet.

These foot rests are usually made of rubberized material and are placed directly under the saddle area.

The main difference between upright and recumbent bikes is that upright ones require less effort to maintain balance. As a result, they are ideal for beginners.

Upright bike can cost anywhere between 100 – 300 UK pounds depending on how much equipment comes included.

  • Indoor cycle bikes

Indoor cycling bikes are very popular because they’re easy to set up anywhere. All you need is a space big enough to accommodate one.

Most indoor cycle bikes are equipped with LCD screens that display information about speed, distance traveled, time spent exercising, calorie burned, heart rate, etc.

Some models even come with integrated TV sets so you can enjoy watching videos while you work out.

Indoor exercise bikes are also good for burns calories. So be careful with choosing the right model based on your needs.

If you need something simple yet effective, then consider purchasing a stationary bike.

If you prefer high tech gadgets, then opt for an assault bike instead. Or if you just want to lose some extra fat while getting fit, then buy yourself a lower end electric bike.

Whatever choice you make, ensure that you purchase quality products so that you won’t regret making the investment later.

  • Stationary bikes

Stationary bike type are probably the cheapest form of exercise bike available in the market today. These machines don’t move around which makes them perfect for people who live alone or travel frequently.

You simply pedal back and forth without having to worry about falling off. Stationary bikes typically cost between 50-200 pounds.

  • Air resistance bikes

Air resistance bikes are commonly used for cardio workouts since it provides a low impact aerobic activity. It works by using air pressure against the rider’s legs to provide resistance.

As a result, there’s no risk of injury if you fall off. Air resistance bikes are great for anyone looking to burn calories but avoid putting too much strain on joints.

It’s important to note that all exercise bikes have pros and cons. So before buying one, make sure you know what kind of exercises you plan to perform.

  • Assault bikes

Assault bikes are generally more expensive compared to stationary bikes. But they offer many advantages over traditional gym equipment such as treadmills and elliptical trainers.

For starters, assault bikes allow riders to go at different speeds. You can choose to ride slowly or fast. And unlike treadmill, you’ll never get bored doing this.

Another advantage is that assault bikes are safer than conventional fitness equipment. Unlike treadmills, they don’t put stress on your ankles and wrists.

  • Dual-action bike

This type of stationary cycling bike are designed specifically for those who want to do both strength training and cardiovascular activities simultaneously.

Unlike regular stationary bikes, dual action bikes incorporate arm levers into their design. This allows users to engage in upper body movements during their workout sessions.

However, these bikes aren’t cheap. They start from 1,000 and can easily reach 2,500 pounds.

  • Higher-end electronic bikes

Higher-end electronic bikes are usually made of metal and feature advanced technology like GPS tracking systems.

These types of bikes are also known as smart bikes due to their ability to track user data including speed, distance covered, number of laps completed, total calories burnt, etc.

They’re not only useful for monitoring progress but also help motivate users to keep going when things seem tough.

  • Outdoor bike

Outdoor stationary bikes or exercise bike are ideal for outdoor enthusiasts. They come with features like LED lights, speakers, music players, etc.

The best part? Outdoor bikes are relatively inexpensive. However, they require maintenance because they need proper care and cleaning after each session.

This are good for strong pedaling strokes and high intensity interval training. You can do moderate 30-minute ride outdoors while enjoying nature sounds.

  • Static bikes

Static bikes are for 155-pound person weighing less than 165 lbs. These bikes are cheaper than other models.

But they lack some key features found in higher end machines. For example, static bikes don’t include any safety measures.

So be careful when riding them. Also, they tend to wear out faster than others.

However, you can still have an comfortable ride experience by using the right seat height and pedal stroke length.


Sunny circle exercise bike are perfect for people who love biking. It comes with a built-in fan which helps cool down the rider.

You can adjust it according to your preference. The handlebar has adjustable grips so you can change its position depending on how tall you are.

There’s also a display screen where you can monitor various stats about your performance.

If you prefer indoor workouts, then Sunny cycle exercise bike will work just fine for you.

How to use an exercise bike safely?

Before buying one, make sure you know what kind of exercises you plan to perform. Using the exercise bike can cause injuries if used improperly.

For instance, if you intend to run on the machine, ensure that there isn’t enough space between the pedals and the floor. If this happens, you may get hurt.

Also, never place your feet too close together. Doing so could lead to injury.

Always check whether the bike is safe before starting your first ride. Make sure all parts are properly tightened.

Also, check if there are any special considerations before purchasing such machine.

Here are some tips:

  • Always read instructions carefully. If possible, ask someone else to show you how to operate the machine properly.
  • Make sure you follow all safety precautions. Don’t forget to turn off the power supply whenever you leave the room.
  • Keep the pedals at least two feet away from walls and furniture.
  • Never place anything heavy near the bike.
  • Avoid wearing loose clothing that could get caught between the moving parts.
  • Use straps to secure yourself to the bike.
  • Do slight bend position to improve hip bone flexibility.
  • Check whether the bike is equipped with brakes.
  • Wear appropriate footwear.
  • Manage the levels of resistance that suits your fitness level.
  • Do not overdo it! Exercise too much may cause injury. Always consider the right type of resistance.

How to use your exercise bike: Workout Monitors

  • Adjusting Your Handlebar Height

Handlebar heights vary greatly between bicycles. Some people prefer taller handles than others.

Taller handlebars allow you to grip them closer together which makes it easier to maintain balance while cycling.

However, some people don’t enjoy having their hands close together because it feels awkward. Other cyclists prefer shorter bars because they think it allows them to sit lower in the saddle and therefore ride better.

The best way to find out which handlebar height works best for you is to try different ones until you feel most comfortable. You should always start with the lowest setting and gradually increase as needed.

  • Knee position

Proper knee position can help prevent joint pain or injury during cycling. To achieve proper knee positioning, stand up straight when using the bicycle.

This ensures that both knees stay aligned with each other.

To do this, raise your left leg slightly higher than your right leg. Keep your back naturally arched. Then slowly bring your legs towards each other by bending your knees.

Once you reach maximum extension, hold this position for several seconds. Repeat this process three times.

  • Foot position

Improper foot placement can also contribute to muscle strain and soreness. When riding a stationary bike, keep your heels flat against the pedal surface. This will provide more stability and support.

If you have trouble keeping your heel down, then adjust the seat post forward. The farther the seatpost moves toward the front wheel, the less pressure your body has to exert on the rear tire.

So, always do proper foot position adjustment before beginning your workout session.

  • Pedal stroke length

When pedaling, make sure that your arms move smoothly through the entire range of motion without jerking. Also, ensure that your elbows remain bent throughout the whole cycle.

In addition, avoid leaning excessively forward or backward. Instead, lean just enough so that your upper torso remains upright.

You should be able to comfortably see the ground beneath your feet.

  • Ride time

It takes about 20 minutes to fully warm-up after starting your first set of exercises. However, if you are new to exercising, take at least 30 minutes to complete all sets of workouts.

Also, remember to rest every 10 minutes. If you continue working beyond this point, you risk injuring yourself.

Always consult your doctor prior to performing any physical activity.

  • Seat post position

When adjusting the seat post, be careful not to move it too far forward. Doing so may cause discomfort due to improper seating posture.

Instead, focus on moving the seat post only halfway into its travel limit. Once there, stop and check whether the seat post is still level.

If necessary, return the seat post to its original position.


Exercise bikes are great tools for losing weight and toning up. The key thing to remember is that there isn’t one single machine that fits all fitness goals.

Stationary bikes are versatile pieces of home gym equipment. Whether you prefer indoor or outdoor workouts, there’s something here for everyone.

Just remember to take time to research which model suits your needs. The last thing you want is to buy a piece of equipment without knowing how it works.

And always consult your doctor first before starting any new physical activity program.


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