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How To Hide Exercise Bike? Know Here

What is the easiest way to get fit? Exercise bikes are a great way to burn calories while also having fun.

They are also a lot cheaper than running outside or using an elliptical machine. However, if you want to keep your bike at home, there are a few things you should know before buying.

Whether you own an exercise bike or are thinking about buying one, here are 3 ways to keep your exercise bike safe without sacrificing its use.

1. Keep it out of reach of children

Exercise bike accidents happen often when kids try to ride their parents’ bikes. If you have young children around, then you need to keep your exercise bike out of their reach.

You can put it in another room or even lock it inside a closet.

2. Make sure that the pedals don’t touch anything else

If you’re going to be riding on carpeted floors, make sure that the pedal doesn’t hit any other objects like furniture and walls. This will prevent damage from occurring.

3. Use panel room divider

You may not think this would work but many people do use panels as dividers for their exercise bikes. They usually come with Velcro strips so they stick easily to each side of the frame.

More tips for storing exercise equipment at home

When you’re exercising at home, it’s nice to have some space dedicated to your workout equipment. The problem is, storage space can quickly get out of control if you aren’t careful.

There are lots of options on how to hide and store your exercise equipment such as, Treadmill, folding treadmill, and other styles of treadmills.

And of course you should also consider some factors before buying an exercise machine or major home exercise bikes.

Here are some factors that you must consider such as:

  • Your floor space

The floor space on your home is a big factor because most exercise machines take up quite a bit of space. You’ll want to find something that fits into your living area comfortably.

  • Corner space

The corner space in your home are very important since these areas tend to be smaller than others. So, look for a piece of equipment that won’t block off too much space.

  • Ceiling space

Your ceiling at home must also be considered. Some pieces of exercise equipment require more height clearance than others. For example, stair climbers might need extra clearance above them.

  • Your home wall space

Wall space at your home are limited. Therefore, you’ll want to choose an item that has enough space to attach to the wall.

Beautiful idea for hiding your exercise equipment at home

Hiding your exercise equipment at home isn’t just good for keeping it clean; it’s also a beautiful decoration! Here are some ideas for decorating your house with exercise equipment.

Using folding screens are one of the best living room idea for hiding your exercise equipment’s. These screen doors are easy to fold away after use and can add style to your home.

Another great way to display your exercise equipment is by hanging it on the wall. There are several types of hooks available online which allow you to hang your exercise equipment anywhere in your home.

Of course, you could always buy a new piece of exercise equipment instead of hiding yours. But why spend money on a brand-new piece of equipment when you already have one?

There are many options of screen panels you can purchase online. If you prefer using real wood, then there are plenty of wooden panels you can order online.

These are only a few ways to hide your exercise equipment at home.

Here are some examples of folding screens:

  • Folding 3-panel screen

This type of a folding screen are made from three individual panel. It folds down flat against itself when not being used. This makes it easier to transport around your home.

  • Six-panel screen

6-panel screen are usually larger than 3-panel screens. They come in different sizes depending on what size of screen door you would like.

  • Antique chinoiserie floor screen

This antique chinoiserie floor screen are perfect if you’re looking for a traditional design. The frame comes in two parts so they can easily fit together.

  • Panel Chinese screens

This kind of a dividing screens are made out of bamboo. Bamboo is known for its durability and strength.

If you’d rather go with a modern design, then this is another option. Modern designs include metal frames and glass panes.

You may even decide to get both styles. Either way, you will definitely enjoy having your own personal workout station at home.

  • Elliptical hiding floor screen

This type of foot screen are for ellipticals or other fitness machines. You simply slide the machine into place and lock it up. Then, you can take it wherever you please.

  • Stair climbing hidden floor screen

This type is designed specifically for stair climbers. Simply put it over the stairs and adjust as needed.

  • Treadmill hidden floor screen

This treadmill hides under any standard sized doorway. Just lift the front section of the unit and pull it back until it fits through the opening.

  • Handcrafted wood screen

Handcrafted wood screen are ideal for those who want something unique. Handmade units are often more expensive but offer better quality materials.

Wooden sliding closet

A wooden sliding closet is an excellent choice for storing all kinds of items inside. It has been popular since ancient times because of its simplicity and ease of construction.

Slide-out storage bench

The slide-out storage bench is very similar to a wooden sliding closet except that it doesn’t open completely. Instead, it slides out horizontally.

  • Folding plain screen

Folding plain screen are easy to use and fold away quickly. These are also good choices for people who don’t need much space.

  • Rolling screens

Rolling screens are privacy screen that is rolled up and stored away. When you need them again, just unroll them and set them up where you wish.

  • Roundup of floor screens

This type of screen styling are great for small spaces. Round screens have no sharp corners which make them safer for children.

  • Six-panel folding screen

This screen designs are best suited for large rooms. Six panels allow plenty of room for movement while still providing enough privacy.

  • Luxury vinyl floor screen

Vinyl floors are becoming increasingly popular due to their low maintenance requirements. Vinyl floors are available in many colors and patterns.

  • Folding squared edge screen

This edge or corner screen are typically used when there’s limited space. Folding square edges makes these screens easier to store.

  • Folding simple screen

Simple design folding screen are usually cheaper than others. They come in various sizes and shapes.

How can I hide my exercise bike in a small apartment?

If you want to hide your exercise bike, you should put it on a rack or shelf where no one will notice it. You can also use a long piece of wood for this purpose.

What about using a curtain rod? If you’re looking for a quick solution, then you might consider hanging curtains from the ceiling instead.

This method works well if you only plan to cover the area around the bicycle. However, if you want to block off the entire room, then you’ll need to install some sort of door frame.

How can I hide my exercise equipment in my bedroom?

There are several ways you can hide your fitness equipment in your bedroom. You can use an old suitcase or box with wheels attached to the bottom and place it on the floor between your bed and wall.

Or, you could attach the equipment to the headboard or ceiling using bungee cords or straps. Another option is to put the equipment on a shelf above your bed.

You can also install a pullout cabinet under your bed for extra storage space.

How do I turn my living room into a gym?

Do you find yourself constantly feeling guilty after having a cheat meal? Do you feel like you never have enough time in the day to get everything done?

Are there days where you just want to lie down and stay there? These symptoms could mean that you are experiencing stress or anxiety.

Stress and anxiety are common problems in today’s world. Many people struggle with these feelings.

If you do too, then you might consider turning your living room into a gym. This means that you would spend less time at home and more time working out. Here are a few ideas to help you do so:

Install a treadmill

A treadmill is perfect for those who don’t have much free space. Treadmills are easy to move around as they fold flat against themselves when not being used.

Use weights

Weight training has been shown to be effective in relieving stress and improving moods. Use dumbbells, kettle bells, medicine balls, sandbags, etc. to build strength and improve muscle tone.

Add a punching bag

Punching bags provide great cardio workouts without requiring any special equipment. Punching bags are often found in gyms but you can make your own by tying two pieces of rope together.

Purchase workout DVDs

Many companies offer DVD programs designed specifically for weight loss. Some even include yoga exercises! Check online to see what options are currently offered.

Create a work-from-home office

Having a dedicated workspace allows you to focus better during the day. It helps reduce distractions and makes it easier to complete tasks. Plus, many employers allow employees to telecommute. So why not take advantage of this benefit while still getting fit?

Turn your dining table into a bench press station

Dining tables come in all shapes and sizes. They usually measure anywhere from 30 inches wide to 60 inches across. That leaves plenty of room for you to add a barbell or other lifting devices.

Consider purchasing a folding chair

Folding chairs aren’t expensive and they’re very portable. When folded up, they won’t occupy much space.

And because they fold easily, you can store them away whenever you’re finished exercising.

If you’ve ever considered adding a personal trainer to your life, now may be the right time. The benefits of hiring one will far outweigh the costs involved.

In fact, studies show that regular sessions with a professional trainer can lead to significant improvements in health and wellness.


Hiding and storing your exercise equipment at home is a good way to keep things organized. But if you really need some additional space, try using an unused area of your house such as a closet or attic.

You’ll likely find that doing so doesn’t cost you anything except the money spent on buying new furniture.

And since most homes already contain enough storage space, you shouldn’t encounter any issues finding places to put everything.


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