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How To Get A Treadmill Upstairs & Downstairs? | 4- Easy Way!

Treadmills are an excellent piece of equipment to have in your home gym. They offer a lot of benefits such as providing exercise that’s both aerobic and strength training.

But if you’re stuck in a space where there isn’t enough room for a full sized treadmill, you may find yourself having to compromise on your workout routine.

So how can you get a treadmill upstairs? The first thing to do is make sure the area has adequate clearance from any walls or other obstacles.

If it doesn’t then you’ll need to look at getting some sort of portable treadmill which will allow you to use it anywhere.

Same ideas when you are going to put your treadmill downstairs, You should ask someone to help you carrying a treadmill.

You can use a furniture dolly to move your treadmill upstairs or downstairs. Also go slowly whenever you are going up and down.

If you want something more permanent than this though, here are some ideas:

A folding treadmill – these come with wheels so they fold up when not being used. You could also buy one without wheels but I think they’d be harder to move around.

Should you hire a mover?

Hiring a mover when deciding to reposition your treadmill might seem expensive, however hiring a professional moving company can save you time and money.

They would take care of all the heavy lifting involved in transporting your treadmill and setting everything back into place once it was done.

This way you don’t have to lift anything heavier than what you can carry by hand.

Simple steps can make using a treadmill upstairs easy

Step 1: Get your boxed-up treadmill to the top of your stairs

The most important step here is getting your box onto the top of your stairs without damaging anything along the way. You’ll probably need someone else to assist you by lifting the box off the ground while you push it up the steps.

Step 2: Unpack the treadmill

Once everything is safely inside your house, unbox the treadmill and start setting it up. This might take longer depending on what type of model you’ve got.

If you don’t know much about treadmills, check out our guide to buying a treadmill before making a purchase.

Step 3: Set up the controls

The next part involves adjusting all the settings on the machine. Make sure you set the speed correctly according to your needs.

Step 4: Test run

Before starting your actual workouts, test running on the treadmill to see whether it works properly. It’s always good practice to walk down the stairs after testing the treadmill to ensure no damage was done during setup.

How much do treadmills weigh?

A typical home-use model weighs around 100 pounds and can be easily moved from one location to another with ease.

If your house has stairs or if it’s difficult for you to move heavy objects then you might want to consider buying a stationary exercise bike instead.

When using a heavy treadmill you should put a treadmill mat under it to prevent damaging your floor. A simple solution would be placing two boxes underneath the treadmill.

Another option would be to place a large rug over the flooring below the treadmill. This will protect against slipping and falling accidents.

What size treadmill should i buy?

There are many different types of treadmills available today. Some models are designed specifically for indoor use whereas others are meant for outdoor use.

Here some sample:

  • Lighter treadmill

Lighter treadmill are good for secong floor because they have less weight. 

  • Commercial style treadmills

Commercial style treadmills are good for hardwood floors as well as carpeted areas. They usually include an adjustable belt that allows users to adjust their stride length.

These machines tend to cost slightly more than other styles.

  • Outdoor Treadmill

These treadmills are great for those who like to workout outside in the fresh air. The best thing about them is that they allow you to work at any time of day.

However, they aren’t suitable for every household since they require regular maintenance.

  • Desk treadmill

Desk treadmill are for apartment complex residents only. These treadmills are placed right above a desk so that people working away from home can still enjoy exercising.

They come equipped with various features such as heart rate monitors and calorie counters.

  • Horizon treadmills

Horizon treadmills are suitable for second-level floor of your house They also provide excellent stability when used indoors.

  • High quality treadmill

High quality treadmills are made by reputable manufacturers. You can expect high durability and long lasting performance.

You may need to spend extra money on these but they’re worth it. This comes with anti-vibration treadmill mats to reduce noise levels.

  • Treadmill with wheels

Treadmill with wheels are ideal for moving between rooms without having to lift weights. They make it easy to transport the machine anywhere within your home.

How much weight can your floor take?

When it comes to floors, they can be expensive – especially if you want a beautiful wooden floor. But there are ways to save money and get an even better looking floor than before.

First off, you should know how much weight your floor can actually hold. If you live in a hot climate, then you should know that your floor will expand over time.

This means that you need to plan for that expansion. If you don’t, then you could end up with cracked tiles, buckled walls, and other problems.

There are many factors that affect how much weight your floor will support. These include moisture content, humidity levels, temperature, and type of wood used.

You’ll also want to consider how heavy your furniture will be. If you find that your floor isn’t holding up to its full potential, then you should start thinking about replacing it.

Even if you do replace it, you shouldn’t expect to see huge gains. It’s a lot easier to add weight to a wall than it is to remove it.

The type of flooring under your treadmill matters

When you decide to buy a treadmill also consider what type of flooring you have.

Because this can damage your flooring. Keep all cords and wires well hidden. Make sure that no one accidentally trips or falls over them.

Average types of flooring are not suitable for heavy and massive treadmill. This can cause possible cracks to your floor.

Treadmill safety tips

Safety first! Always wear proper shoes before stepping onto the treadmill. Never step off while walking on the treadmill.

Never stand directly behind the moving parts of the treadmill. Also avoid standing too close to the front edge of the treadmill.

Always keep children and pets out of the area where the treadmill is located. If possible, install the treadmill near a window to let natural light into the room.

Use treadmill mat this can help prevent slipping and falling accidents.

Make sure that the treadmill has enough space around it. The more space, the less likely someone will trip over something.

Keep the treadmill clean at all times. Use a vacuum cleaner to suck up any dust particles. Don’t forget to check the manual for additional information regarding maintenance.


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