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How To Fix Treadmill Screen? 6-Easy Ways!

Treadmill screens are an essential part of running safety. Whether you’re at home or at the gym, having a working treadmill screen is not only useful for watching your progress while exercising, but also protects you from falling off!

But if you have a malfunctioning treadmill screen, there’s nothing you can do except wait until the repairman comes and fixes it. However, you can save yourself from spending hours waiting for him to arrive and instead solve the problem yourself.

How to fix common treadmill problems? To fix treadmill screen you have to inspect first what is the problem with your treadmill screen.

Inspect the following areas when checking out your treadmill screen:

1. The belt should be in good shape – no cracks, breaks etc.

2. There shouldn’t be any signs that something has fallen into the moving parts.

3. Check the any power cable if there is any damage on them. If so, replace immediately.

4. Make sure all the buttons work properly.

5. Look closely at the display panel. Is everything fine? Does anything look broken?

6. Finally, check whether the treadmills motor works well by pressing its start button. It should turn on smoothly without making noise.

Troubleshooting for you damage treadmill screen

If you own a treadmill, then you probably spend a lot of time using it. It’s an effective way to exercise and burn calories while also improving your health.

Unfortunately, if your treadmill doesn’t work correctly, you might not get the results you want. Treadmills aren’t cheap, so you want to make sure you’re buying the best one possible.

Here are some common problems and how to fix them so you can enjoy your treadmill for years to come.

  • Console power issue

This type of problem can be cause by a damage wiring connection between console and treadmill. You need to disconnect both wires from the console and then reconnect them again.

This will make sure that the console receives electricity through the new wire connections. If this doesn’t help, try replacing the battery pack as well.

  • Treadmill console displays

There could be several reasons why your treadmill screen isn’t displaying correctly. First thing you want to do is to remove the cover plate which holds the display assembly together.

This can be a minor treadmill repair job because most of the time the screws holding the display assembly together aren’t too difficult to get loose. But sometimes they might require some force to loosen up.

So before removing the screws, use pliers to gently pry open the screw holes. This way you won’t break the screws.

If after loosening the screws you still don’t see the display, chances are that the display itself needs replacement.

  • Power adaptors are malfunctioning

Power adaptors may malfunction due to power connector or its power control box. In order to find out where exactly the problem lies, you’ll need to take apart the power adapter completely.

First, unplug the power cord from the wall socket. Then unscrew the two metal plates covering the power connectors.

After that, carefully pull back each one of these covers.

Now you can easily identify the faulty component. Replace it with another one and reassemble the whole unit.

  • The treadmill motor is overheating

This type of problem is also a common treadmill repair for treadmill manufacturer. When your motor is overheating , it means that either the fan blades inside the motor are damaged or the cooling system is not working efficiently.

To determine which part is causing the problem, you must disassemble the entire motor.

Remove the bolts securing the top cap of the motor. Now lift off the top cap.

You’ll notice that there’s an air filter attached to the bottom side of the motor. Remove the filter and clean it thoroughly.

  • Non-working power supply feed

This type of problem usually happens when the power supply board has been damaged during transportation. To solve this problem, firstly, locate the power supply board in the center of the machine.

Then, remove the four small plastic clips located around the edge of the board. After that, slide the board towards the front end of the machine until it touches the frame.

Finally, push down firmly on the board using a flat object such as a hammer. The clip underneath the board should snap into place automatically.

  • Non-working treadmill motor

This issue may be fixed by simply changing the belt drive pulley. You just have to replace the old one with a new one.

In case you’re having trouble locating the right pulley, here’s how:

1. Turn the treadle forward so that the belt runs over the idler wheel.

2. Look at the underside of the treadmill belt. There should be three round indentations near the middle of the belt. These marks indicate the location of the pulleys.

3. Find the correct size pulley according to the number of teeth marked on the pulley.

4. Slide the pulley onto the shaft of the motor. Make sure that the pulley fits snugly against the shaft. If necessary, adjust the position of the pulley slightly.

5. Tighten the nut on the other end of the shaft using a wrench.

6. Repeat steps 1 through 5 for all remaining belts.

  • Treadmill belt slipping

Treadmill belt slipping can cause inconsistent speeds due to its speed sensor is broken. This will result in uneven running patterns.

If you suspect that the belt is slipping, then check if any parts of the belt are loose. Also make sure that none of the wheels are touching the ground.

If everything seems fine, try replacing the belt itself. It might help to lubricate the area between the sprocket and the belt.

  • Speed setting not functioning / No speed signal

This issue are often caused by worn out bearings. In order to find the exact reason behind the problem, you need to take apart the mechanism responsible for adjusting the speed settings.

First, turn the control panel clockwise until the desired speed appears. Then tighten the screws holding the dials together. Finally, loosen them again and repeat the process.

After repeating these steps several times, you should see whether the adjustment works properly.

  • Treadmill lubricant

Treadmill lubricant issue are very common among users who use their machines frequently. However, they don’t always require professional repair services.

To avoid problems like this, keep your treadmill oiled regularly. Use only high quality oils which won’t clog up the moving parts inside the unit.

Also remember to change the oil after every two months or whenever the level gets low. The best way to do this is to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

  • Power source

Power source problem is another frequent issue encountered when dealing with treadmills. Most power sources come equipped with an AC adapter.

They also include a cord that plugs directly into wall outlets.

The most common issues associated with power cords are overheating and short circuits. To prevent both from happening, ensure that the plug has enough room to move freely.

Also, never leave the plug plugged in while the treadmill is operating.

Another thing worth mentioning is that some models feature built-in surge protectors.

  • Input power malfunction 

This type of issue are cause by power voltages fluctuating too much. As a result, the machine may stop working altogether.

In such cases, it’s important to replace the input voltage transformer. You’ll have to remove the cover plate located at the back side of the unit.

After removing the cover, unscrew the bolts securing the front part of the unit.

Then lift off the entire assembly so that you can access the internal components. Once done, simply replace the old one with a new one.

  • Weak batteries and Worn batteries

This is a common cause of malfunctioning treadmill screen If you notice that the battery indicator light doesn’t work as expected, there could be something wrong with its charging system.

You can easily test this by connecting the charger cable to a different outlet. If the charge still fails to appear on the display, then chances are good that the battery needs replacement.

On the other hand, if the battery indicator lights up but no charges show up on the display, then it means that the battery is already dead.

  • Loose wires

Loose wires can lead to many types of malfunctions including poor performance, broken screens, etc. In order to solve this kind of problem, all you need to do is check each wire carefully before tightening them down.

If any loose connection exists, make sure to reconnect it correctly. Also, try not to overdo things because excessive force will damage the wiring.

  • Console wiring issue

This is yet another reason why people experience troubleshooting issues related to console displays. It usually happens due to faulty connections between the controller board and the LCD panel.

As a rule of thumb, you should disconnect the cables connected to the control board first. Then proceed to unplug the ones attached to the LCD panel.

Once everything is disconnected, take out the screws holding the panels together. After doing so, gently pull apart the two halves until you see the connector pins exposed.

  • Reset button not functioning 

Reset button may be stuck or damaged. This causes the machine to go through endless cycles without stopping.

To reset your treadmill, press and hold the Reset button for about 10 seconds. The machine will automatically restart itself after releasing the button.

However, if the problem persists even after following these steps, contact our customer service team immediately. They’re always ready to help!

  • Circuit breaker issue

Circuit breaker are used in most homes to prevent electrical overloads from damaging appliances. However, sometimes they fail to function properly which leads to various problems like flickering screens, overheating motors, etc.

The best way to identify circuit breakers is by looking at their color codes. Most models come equipped with red, yellow, green, blue, orange, white, purple, pink, gray, black, silver, gold, copper, brown, and violet colors.

  • Power surge

This issue are caused when an appliance receives too much power during peak hours. As a result, the device might get overloaded causing it to shut off unexpectedly.

In such cases, it’s important to reduce the load on the equipment. You can also use a surge protector to protect against surges.


When you encounter problems with your treadmill screen, It is always advisable to read the user manual or product manual for proper troubleshooting. If nothing works, you can call the manufacturers service center and ask for assistance.

Also, remember to keep track of the warranty period as well as its expiration date. Once the warranty expires, there won’t be any support available anymore.

Hope this helps!


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