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What Type Of Exercise Bike Is The Best For Bad Knees? Find Out Here

When you have bad knees, there are many things that you have to give up. Bad knees can make it difficult to run, bike, or do any activity that involves bending your legs a lot. However, there are still plenty of activities you can do if you have bad knees. This article will give you a few ideas for activities you can do if your knees are giving you problems.

With more than two million Americans suffering from osteoarthritis of the knee, it’s no wonder exercise bikes are one of the most popular choices for keeping active and in shape. When you have bad knees, it’s important to find an exercise that you can do without straining them, and many cyclists choose the indoor cycle for this very reason.

Unlike running or walking, biking is low-impact, reducing the risk of further injury to your knees. But even if you have healthy knees, there are other benefits to cycling that make it a great choice for overall health.

Types of Exercise Bikes for Bad Knees

One of the major concerns of exercising with bad knees is whether you can still get a good workout that will help you achieve the goals you want. The truth is you can still get a good workout even with bad knees. You’re not limited to just a few exercises anymore. There is a specific type of exercise bike designed for bad knees.

If you have bad knees, you don’t have to limit your exercise options. You can still exercise with your knees. There are many types of exercise bikes that are safe for people with knee problems. 

There are a number of benefits to using an exercise bike for bad knees. Exercise bikes are very low impact on the joints, particularly the knees, which makes them ideal for people with bad knees. Exercise bikes are also a great way to work out during the winter months when running or walking outdoors can be difficult due to inclement weather.

 The two main types of an exercise bike are the upright bike and the recumbent bike. The upright bike is also known as the “stationary bike”, it has a saddle that is placed at eye level. The recumbent bike is also known as the “lazy boy bike”, it has a saddle that is placed at a lower level to the handlebars which allows the rider to lean back and sit comfortably.

Upright Exercise Bike

Bike riding is a great way to stay fit, but if you have bad knees, or other ailments that make it hard to ride a traditional bike, it can be hard to stay in shape. Upright exercise bikes are great if you have knee problems, as they allow you to still get a cardio workout, but don’t put as much stress on your knees as traditional ones do. 

They have a sleek design that makes them look like a regular bike, but the seat and handlebars are positioned in such a way that the user becomes upright. This, in turn, allows the user to experience the leg and chest workout that comes with cycling. Plus, since they are often regarded as a low-impact exercise, upright bikes are recommended for individuals suffering from knee problems.

Recumbent Exercise Bike

If you’re looking for a low impact exercise bike to help you recover from knee surgery, you might want to consider a recumbent bike. Recumbent exercise bikes are designed to be very low impact, providing a more comfortable workout than other exercise bikes while giving you easy access to your legs. The best part is, you can use these bikes to stretch and strengthen your legs while you recover.

If you have bad knees, the recumbent exercise bike is a great alternative to cycling. (Note: If you do not have bad knees, a regular exercise bike will work just as well for you.) When using a recumbent bike, you can focus on your upper body, which is a great option if your knees cannot take the pressure of a bike that requires you to keep both feet on the pedals. A bike like this also allows you to maintain control when you have a full range of motion due to knee pain.

Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike

If you have bad knees, you may be tempted to avoid exercise if you can. The good news is that you don’t have to sacrifice your fitness to be kind to your aching joints. Indoor cycling is a great workout for people with bad knees because it puts minimal stress on them. This low impact workout will help you lose weight, increase your stamina and strengthen your heart, without causing you pain.

Buying an exercise bike for bad knees – What to consider

Before you rush out and buy an exercise bike for your bad knees, there are several critical things you need to consider. For one thing, you want to make sure you buy one that’s comfortable to sit in. That means you need one that offers a variety of seat adjustments, including the ability to move it forward and backward, as well as up and down.

You also want to make sure that the seat can be adjusted to provide the proper amount of lumbar support. For another thing, it’s important to buy a bike that’s quiet. Exercise bikes that make a lot of noise can be extremely distracting, which can lead to you burning fewer calories than you would otherwise.

If you have bad knees, you want to make sure the bike you purchase won’t cause you unnecessary pain or injury. Exercise bikes can be expensive, so you want to make sure you’re making the right choice before you shell out any of your hard-earned cash. 

Consider the size and weight of the exercise bike. Large, heavy exercise bikes are very difficult to move around and store. At the other end of the spectrum, ultra-light exercise bikes may not be as durable as their heavier counterparts. Look for a bike that is in the middle, with a frame that weighs somewhere between 50 and 100 pounds.

Last Words

If you have chronic knee pain, you might think that an exercise bike is the answer, but that depends on what you have and what your goals are. Unfortunately, a bike can actually aggravate knee problems if you have the wrong type of injury. Before you decide to buy or order a bike, you should make sure that it’s right for you.


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